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Single-Bracket Pole

A single-bracket pole is suitable to light up an area in one direction. The height is available between 4 to 14 meters (2316-2549). Practical and efficient, the Nesco bracket poles are in use in various government departments such as a Department of State Highways, Department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning, and Municipalities.


Double-Bracket Pole

A double-bracket pole lights up an area in two directions, such as between two road lanes. The height is available between 4 to 14 meters (2316-2549). Practical and efficient, the Nesco bracket poles are in use in various government departments such as a Department of State Highways, Department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning, and Municipalities.

เสาโพสท็อป post top

Post-Top Pole

The Nesco tapered non-bracket pole with a height between 4 to 14 meters available in round, hexagonal, and fluted surface; is suitable for the installation of various street lamps such a head flame, ring type, or T-type. The design can be customized to suit different purposes and areas such as parks, tollways, conference centers, and as decoration.


High-Mast Pole

The Nesco high-mast pole is a multi-purpose pole customized for a specific need, area, and angle. The design can be customized to host from 4 to 20 lamps and with a height from 15 to 30 meters. The specially-designed top, fabricated from high-quality aluminum, is equipped with three pulleys and slings to stabilize a light circlet. This system allows lamps to be changed when needed. The gear set comprises of a double drum winch engineered for maximum efficiency.


Stadium Mast

The Nesco stadium mast is designed and engineered for large areas requiring intense luminosity in a specific direction such as stadiums and department stores. Our design takes into consideration all aspects: safety, cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and utilization. The stadium mast can be customized to host from 8 to 48 lamps and with a height from 15 to 40 meters. Ladders and safety cage for maintenance, designed with maximum safety, are provided along with the mast.

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Made-To-Order Design

Nesco is committed to designing and developing innovative products with cutting-edge technology such as a molded pole, a multi-sided pole, and other custom-tailored ones to serves varying needs in a modernized world. It is our dedication to delivering high-quality products at reasonable prices, improving Thailand’s city landscape in the process.


Flag Pole

A flag, rising high up in the sky, is used to symbolize a nation or an institution. Flag poles are often part of many national landmarks. The Nesco flag pole is available from 6 to 45 meters in height to serve differing specifications. The rigging system, developed from the Halyard system, comprises of a hand-reeled drum winch and motor. For a flag to stay gracefully in all conditions, our design features a 270-degree rotating device to keep it in the best angle during a strong wind.



The Nesco monopole complies with the Thai Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA)’s specification and Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA)’s specification for widely used in power transmission line.


Guard Rail

The Nesco guard rail complies with the Thai Industrial Standards (TIS)’s specification for corrugated sheet steel beams for highway guardrail (248-2531) and is available in various types and finishes.




Hot Rolled Steel Sheet

Grade: SS400, SPHC, HRI

Thickness: 1.4-15 millimeters

Size: 4’x8’, 5’x10’, 5’x20’ or custom


Flat Bars

Thickness: 1.4-15 millimeters

Width: 1”, 1¼”, 2½”, 2”

Length: up to 6 meters


Light Angle Steel

Thickness: 1.4-25 millimeters

Widths: widths of both sides can be equal or non-equal

Length: up to 14 meters


Light Channel

Thickness: 1.4-25 millimeters

Length: up to 14 meters


Lip Channel

Thickness: 1.4-12 millimeters

Length: up to 14 meters


Custom Bending

Cutting or bending steel, stainless steel, or aluminum

Thickness: 1.4-25 millimeters

Length: up to 14 meters


Used for mechanical, structural and construction applications.


Square Hollow Sections

Symmetry, Balance Strength, Functionality

Rectangular Hollow Sections


Circular Hollow Sections

Commonly used in a wide range of structural, mechanical and construction areas.



With more than 40 years in the metalworking industry, we understand clients’ needs precisely to deliver the best products. With professional expertise and in-depth knowledge of the industry, we strive for the best quality as well as improving the quality of life for everyone.


We are an expert in metalworking, from cutting and bending steels to manufacturing lighting poles. Every piece we produce, we ensure accuracy and efficiency to deliver the best quality possible for our clients. We believe that achieving a mission requires attention to detail and quality in every single part.


At Nesco, we are determined to produce products suitable for the usage of every sector. With our technical expertise, we tailor products to meet the requirements and needs. Inspiring creativity, we help turning ideality into reality while taking into consideration of sustainability. Every manufacturing process meets an environmental standard.



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TIS. 2316-2549 

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